Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diaper Bag by Peanut Butt Baby Products

I recently had the chance to work with Kim of Peanut Butt Baby Products. By work with her I mean, we traded products. She made me one of her amazing Diaper Bags that came with a changing pad and diaper clutch. She joined Mama Made USA a couple of months ago, and when I was uploading her products onto the website, I looked at the price and was a little sticker shocked. $100 for a diaper bag, really?! They were beautiful, but that seemed very expensive, and I knew I would never be able to convince my husband to spend that much $$ on yet another diaper bag. I have several, because I can never find one that seems to hold all of what I need. So when she posted on Facebook she was looking to do a trade for one of her Diaper Bags, I jumped on it.

First, she sent me an email asking me about the type of fabric I would like. I am a simple person, not much of a pattern type of person. So I said something simple and she allowed me to go to her fabric site and pick my fabric and coordinating colors (Bonus!) She was always quick to respond to my emails and her customer service was great, especially because I was not actually a paying customer, we were only trading!

Well about two weeks later I got a large box in the mail and I was so excited! Here is what I got...

Diaper bag, Clutch (with wipes and changing pad) and large changing pad (that is a love seat that it is all on). The changing pad is HUGE & Wonderful! No worrying about your little one's skin touching something disgusting in a public changing room (if you have to use one.) With this changing pad, you can change your kid anywhere and have no concerns! The diaper bag is large enough to accommodate the large pad plus what ever you would need in it for an outing with two kiddos!
 Inside of the diaper bag...You cannot tell how large it is with this pic.

Close up of the clutch (she didn't sent the cloth diaper, but I put it in there to show that one totally fits with the wipes and changing pad.)

So, I have been awaiting a chance to use the diaper bag ( I stay home with two boys and rarely leave the house because we live in the sticks) and this past weekend was its maiden voyage. I have to tell you! This diaper bag is worth every penny she charges for them! I was able to put so much stuff in there! Here is what I put in the diaper bag. Perfect for an over night trip!
 Included in this picture: 10 size one diapers, 10 size 5 diapers, three books for my toddler, one 3-6 month sweat jacket, one 2T sweat jacket, snack catcher, double breast bump with bag & accessories, one Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat, one emergency stash formula, two bottles, two sippy cups, three small pouches wipes ( I have several samples I am using because my youngest is just two months old), Baby Bjorn Carrier, the diaper clutch & Ziploc bag of toys.
 Here is is all packed away, neat and tidy!
The Diaper bag closes with ease! It looks nice, and it was custom made - FOR ME! I love it, and find that the clutch is super handy. It fits in my purse and I don't need to take a diaper bag and a purse where I go...just one bag, which is nice, right? When I take the clutch, I can put one size of each disposable diaper or one cloth diaper :)

SO... how was my experience with this diaper bag...AMAZING. I am happy to have a bag that will accommodate cloth diapers for both kids and then some. I plan on taking it as a carry on for my trip to Las Vegas with both kids too and I know that I will have everything I need.

Thank you Kim - for this amazing product! You are a very talented WAHM!


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  2. Thanks so much Lacie. I'm so glad you liked it. I try to explain how big they are but you did it way better.