Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcoming a new Admin to Mama Made USA

A very late night, early good morning to each one of you!

I am very excited to become not only a Ewe with Mama Made USA, but a part of the MMU admin staff. I feel very honored that Lacie would trust me with more than open arms into helping run and manage such a great site of WAHM.

I just wanted to take a few moment and introduce myself and give everyone a little insight about me. I am a WAHM with 3 children and a wonderful husband, who has not only supported my own business, but is also supporting me with taking on my new role too. My oldest daugher started Pre-K this year, we live in Mineral, VA (4 miles from the earthquake epicenter on August 23rd) and we also have two and a half year old son, and 14 month old daughter.

Most of my life I spent working in the medical field until this past March when my own medical needs required me to have 2 surgeries done and well, the recovery period wasn't worth trying to go back to work, so we decided to reve-up my WAHM business (Baby-Bug Boutique) full force and I was to stay home and finally raise our children the way we saw fit.

My husband (Brian) and I will have been married 5 years this November and he is just wonderful!

I have spent the better part of the day browsing through everyone's shops and bios and I am so impressed with all the talent and variety of items each shop has to offer. I have seen some familiar shops and TONS of new one. I was counting earlier today and there is roughly 110 shops on MMU ~ how exciting is that?! There is such a wonderful opportunity to make our site grow the way I know Lacie (and myself) would love for it too.

There will be some changes made ~ as always when more than one mind gets together, but we both strive to keep everything low cost to each seller and market MMU and each shop to bring not only new talent and items, but new customers too! We will need everyone's help with this as well in the days ahead, but it is very exciting to see the potential everyone has to make MMU a wonderful place to buy and sell.

Hope everyone had a safe Labor Day weekend!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

who is crazy

Do you ever wonder if everyone around you is crazy? or if its just you? More oftem than not lately feel like I'm the crazy one. I hate it very much!