About Us

Are you interested in buying or selling products handmade by Moms?
Mama Made USA is your online marketplace to buy and sell all things handmade, WAHM (work-at-home mom) made, mama made! Buy and sell handmade Baby Items, Clothing , House wares and Home Decor, Crafts and Supplies, Jewelry, Quilts, Bath and Body Products, Pet Products, Cards and Stationary, Vintage Items, Holiday Gifts, Art and much more. Shop and share your handmade products on Mama Made USA with millions of people from all over the world. Join us, and help support our amazing moms!

Mama Made USA was created by myself, a WAHM for moms!

I began my journey learning HTML and web design in high school. In 2009, I wanted a way to stay at home with my first son while making a living. I then became the new owner of a natural mineral cosmetics business. I have worked hard to raise profits and use social media to advertise. Since then, selling my products has evolved from being a fun pastime into a highly profitable business for my family. Building my WAHM business has taken an immense amount of hard work and dedication and has hardly happened overnight! Throughout my business journey, I have developed an immeasurable amount of respect for other mamas who take on the challenge of creating and running a small business, all while juggling the countless amount of day to day responsibilities of being a mom!

I know all too well the frustrations and headaches that can surface while learning to build your own online store, struggling to get traffic to your site, wondering if it would be affordable to keep a website up a running while waiting to rank on search engines, wondering how I was going to get the money to start it all, and thinking to myself, "There HAS to be an easier way!"... Wow, talk about overwhelming!
Breathe mamas, Mama Made USA is here to help!
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In December 2010 Lacie Schwend acquired Mama Made USA. Lacie is a newly appointed SAHM turned WAHM. She started her own small Safety Consulting business in 2009 from her house and found that in her free time she loved to craft and explore all of those imaginative thoughts that had been hiding since she spent 6 years in the corporate world. Lacie has one son who was born in September 2009 and another due February 2011. She is ready to help other WAHM's be as sucessful as possible and hopes to provide great networking opportunities so more women can become WAHM's.
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Mama Made USA is a fun to use, fully optimized, online marketplace designed with 'ewe' in mind!
Mama Made USA is specifically designed as a tool for other moms who are looking to grow their businesses and for people to shop only quality, mama made products with ease!
Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Mama Made USA is the perfect place to start!