Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Ewe"?
A "Ewe" is a Mom, or mom owned business who sells handmade products on Mama Made USA.

How does someone go about selling their products on Mama Made USA?
In order to sell your product on Mama Made USA, you MUST sign up for a Ewe Membership. Click Here

How do I know when I have a new order and how do I get paid?
When your EWE Shop revieces an order, Mama Made USA will forward you the following information:
  • The name and email address of the buyer
  • The item that was sold and the quantity
  • The email address for you to send your EWE Shop invoice to (via PayPal)
  • The shipping address
  • Any additional information requested by the buyer/seller (EWE)
Mama Made USA does not take any part of your transaction - we take no fees, we do not charge a surcharge, etc. The only fees that will occur are the normal PayPal fees.

**If you would like for Mama Made USA to only send you the payment and shipping informaiton for a purchase made through Mama Made USA, you need to make arrangements for that to happen by emailing

From that point on, all details and comunication about that order are between you (the seller), and the buyer.
 ***ALL Ewe Members MUST have a PayPal Account.***

What are the Fees for selling your products on Mama Made USA?
At the moment, Mama Made USA is trying to recruit amazing WAHM products and is offering free memberships. We WANT all WAHM moms! It does not matter if you have 1 baby at home, 4 teenagers, or have an empty nest - we want Mama's of all ages and backgrounds!

What is included in a monthly membership?
Mama Made USA will list your products on our website for your monthly membership fee. You dont have to upload any pictures, maintain a website, know HTML, track sales, etc. We do it all for you! We can have your items featured on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites we are affiliated with. 
When the recruiting special is over, the monthly Mama Made USA Membership fee's will be as follows:
  • Basic Package ($5.00/Month) - Includes unlimited Mama Made USA site listings, frequent shoutouts on Facebook (linked to your EWE Shop), Twitter, and other Mama Made USA Facebook networking pages. Will also include one product featured on home page of
  • Silver Package ($7.00/month) - Includes unlimited Mama Made USA site listings, frequent shoutouts on Facebook (linked to your EWE Shop), Twitter, and other Mama Made USA Facebook networking pages. Also includes your listing on our Mama Pages (think yellow pages by state/product for WAHM made items) and your items listed on our FB Shop Tab.
  • Gold Package ($10.00/Month) - Includes everything in the silver package PLUS weekly shoutouts for your FB Page to increase your fan base. Will also include links to your website, and put you in the EWE spotlight at least once per month.
Members will be charged their monthly fee the first Monday of each month. This will happen via PayPal Invoice sent to each EWE Shop by Mama Made USA. 
  •  Ewe Membership Reactivation Fee - $5.00
(Only applies if you have canceled your Ewe Membership and want to rejoin.)
Product Reactivation Fee - $5.00 (this will be for all products)
(Only applies if you have canceled your Ewe Membership, have rejoined, and want to reactivate your past product pages within 6 months of rejoining.)
PayPal Fees- PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction. (This fee is not taken by Mama Made USA. It will only be taken by PayPal after your sales trasanction has been complete).

Can I cancel my Ewe Membership at anytime?
Yes. If you would like to cancel your Ewe Membership, simply contact us asking to deactivate your Mama Made USA Account.

If I decide to reactivate my Ewe Membership, will I have to re-submit all of my products?
Your product pages and information will remain in our Data Base for 6 months after you cancel your Ewe Membership. If you re-activate your Ewe Membership before the first 6 months is up, you will not have to resubmit all of your product pages, however you will be asked to pay an additional $5 product reactivation fee.

Questions? Please Contact Us. We are here to help!